Jesus wasn’t polite

Luke 4:22 “All spoke well of Him and were amazed at the gracious words than came from his lips…” (NIV)*

Luke 4:24 “‘I tell you the truth,’ he continued, ‘No prophet is accepted in his hometown.'” (NIV)*


Rather than basking in the admiration of the people after He read from Isaiah, Jesus spoke the truth.

He predicted how they would later treat Him. He made those well-speaking people so mad they drove him from the synagogue and out of town. They were furious to the point of wanting to throw him over a cliff!

Why didn’t He sit there and accept their words of praise? Why did He spoil the moment and cause a ruckus? Did He see through to their corrupt hearts and the disbelief to come?

I’m enough of a southern gal to know politeness is suppose to reign. Being nice trumps stark truth any day. Hide the disagreement, the knowledge, the anger. Accept the flattery then turn around and give it back double-fold…seething behind clinched teeth.

Jesus wasn’t polite. He saw to the heart and cut to the quick. He dealt with reality…no false pretenses allowed. Jesus saw hearts and knew the future…I don’t. I need His help.

Help me discern

If polite is best

To let a matter ride

In your hands rest.


Help me know

When to speak up

Call a spade a spade

Give tough love.


photo and poem by Patty Perkins

*The One Year Bible, New International Version, copyright 1986, Tyndale House Publishers, Wheaton, Illinois.


About Patty Perkins

I'm Patty, writer of the devotional blog, Beside Quiet Waters. I love writing, reading and taking long walks with my camera. I've been married to my loving husband for 32 years and we have two grown sons. I am thankful for a place to spill ink, in hopes of encouraging others to find daily hope and inspiration in God's Word. View all posts by Patty Perkins

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