Remember not to forget

Deuteronomy 8:10 “When you have eaten and are satisfied, praise the Lord your God for the good land he has given you.” (NIV)*

Fruit Basket

Fruit Basket (Photo credit: frankdasilva)

It’s a cycle. We pray for provision or intervention. He provides. He intervenes. Initially, hearts are thankful. Then, his blessings are forgotten or taken for granted. Often, he’s not appreciated until there’s a need, when again, we pray for a table full…

Often, we don’t realize what we have until it’s gone or problems arise. God’s help is sought in time of need, yet it’s easy to forget Him in times of plenty. We still need him, but the hunger pains that triggered prayer have been satisfied. We’re no longer desperate for him or his help.

Look around and see the table full. Remember whose hand provided. May his kindnesses bring praise...and let us remember not to forget.

*The One Year Bible, New International Version, copyright 1986, Tyndale House Publishers, Wheaton, Illinois.


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