On ending well

“…Elijah went up to him and threw his cloak around him. Elisha then left his oxen and ran after Elijah.” I Kings 19:19-20


When Elisha was anointed with the “cloak” he left the twelve yolk of oxen to follow Elijah. He would be Elijah’s replacement.

Lord, when you tap the shoulder or spread the cloak, that is the time to act. No looking back. No regrets. Elisha kissed his parents good-bye. He burned the yoke and cooked the oxen for a meal and left.

Life seems to be about endings as much as beginnings. And ending well matters. How I handle the transition, the saying good-bye, is important. Giving respect and then not looking back is crucial. There is a time to move on.

Whether it’s a move, a job change, a new stage of life, etc. Being respectful—yet fully ready to move forward and accept the task he’s called us to—is key.

There’s not enough energy to keep looking back in regret. It’s all about moving forward.

And like Elisha’s plowing equipment, the past is used as fuel for the future. Nothing is wasted in God’s kingdom. It’s all for a purpose.

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