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He still stoops low

But will God really dwell on earth with men? The heavens, even the highest heavens, cannot contain you. How much less this temple I have built.” 2 Chronicles 6:18


Nothing Solomon built could contain God. Can the one who made the trees be held by their wood? Can the one who set gold in the rocks be adorned by its grandeur? The one who placed wool on sheep has no need to be covered with its warmth.

Would He stoop to dwell in a temple built by man? And yet, he did come, like a parent thrilled with what his child had made.

When our boys were little they’d make tent houses by spreading blankets across the ottoman and couch cushions propped up around the room. Grandpa would bend down and join the fun. He was thrilled with the shelter his grandkids had thrown together; it gave him great joy to be with them.

Like Grandpa, God stooped low to enter what man had made. God would do just about anything to be among us. He even gave his Son, Jesus, as a way to connect. Before Jesus, God chose to dwell in the temple. Today, Jesus gives his Holy Spirit to live in the temple of human hearts.

Yes, he still stoops low.


When God interrupts

And the priests could not perform their service because of the cloud, for the glory of the Lord filled the temple of God.” 2 Chronicles 5:14

DSC_0764 (1)

The glory of the Lord filled the temple in the form of a cloud. Did the priests fall on their faces in adoration, or inwardly fume because their day was interrupted? Were they upset because they couldn’t serve God?

Sometimes God shows up unexpectedly. Life is interrupted and my plans have to change. What appears to be a hindrance, or road block to my goals, could be divine intervention. It may be of God when I can’t do what I want to do, even if it’s something I wanted to do for Him.

He is not so concerned with my service and to-do list as He is my heart and its inclination to His will and timing. How many times has He intervened and I’ve missed Him, right in front of my face?

Lord, when you show up in all your glory don’t let me miss it! When my plans are divinely interrupted help me to recognize your presence in the moment, and then to bend, to accommodate the glory of the Lord.

Like a tree

He is like a tree planted by streams of water, which yields its fruit in season and whose leaf does not wither…” Psalm 1:3


If a tree is planted by a flowing stream, its roots will be nourished. Fruit will come in due season and its leaves won’t wither, even on hot days.

The Word is like a flowing stream of living water. Those who plant themselves beside it will be encouraged spiritually. A life sustained by the Word will bring a harvest of fruit in due time. Good will come.

As is the way of creation, every plant or tree rooted by the stream benefits. The water doesn’t pick and choose which roots to nourish. So too, God’s Word is a blessing to all who have a continual intake of its wisdom and truth.

His Word is there, rippling and waiting, for everyone who’ll plant themselves beside it—or better yet, in it.

Thank you, Lord, for your life-giving Word. Thank you for giving us your thoughts in written form. May they daily flow fresh into my life.

A new song

He has given me a new song to sing of praises to our God…” Psalm 40:3

DSC_0768 (1)

Knowing Christ adds a whole new dimension to life. As the beauty of his truths grow in clarity, old thought patterns and beliefs fade away. There’s a new song rising in hearts open to Him.

This new song sounds different. It speaks of love that conquers and peace beyond all understanding, of no condemnation and comfort for the soul. It speaks of life filled to the brim and deep purpose—a higher calling for which to live.

Let the new song ring loud and clear. Let the old song be drowned out by strands of joy and peace, of hope and love eternal. Let the old song of fear and regret be silenced. Forever.

Lord, sometimes the old song threatens to take over. Let it be silenced. And as the new song swells may it drown out the old refrains. And may a song of praise ever rise to you.

The sound of marching

As soon as you hear the sound of marching in the tops of the balsam trees, move out to battle, because that will mean God has gone out in front of you…” I Chronicles 14:15


Over David’s head, the sound of marching pounds on a floor of air. God’s army is on the move—going out to the battle in front of David’s army. David got to hear what was happening in the unseen realm.

Did the tops of the trees wave as if blown by a heavy wind? Did it sound as if the sky would cave in and angel armies crash to the ground?

God had told David to move out to battle when he heard the sound of marching in the balsam trees. Imagine David on high-alert, listening.

Oh, the sounds we never hear, the sights we fail to see because we are not listening, or looking, for God to act.

Lord, when I call for help may I be quick to look for your response and recognize it when I see it. I don’t want to miss the ways you move in front of me.

Yes…He still marches ahead.

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Face the wall

Hezekiah turned his face to the wall and prayed to the Lord…” 2 Kings 20:2


When Hezekiah heard that he would die, he turned his face to the wall and prayed to the Lord. He wept bitterly. God heard his prayer and answered, allowing him to live another 15 years.

Hezekiah went to the right place when he needed help. He turned to face the wall and prayed.

What’s my first reaction to distressing news? Do I take it to the Lord?

May my first response be to face the wall.

Lord, be my first thought. The immediate inclination of my heart. When distress looms and despair grips, may my first reaction be to turn to you. And there, honestly and openly, let me confess the fears and anxieties, disappointments and frustrations, entrusting the battle, the crisis, whatever the news…to you.


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Too much to fathom

He determines the number of the stars and calls them each by name. Great is our Lord and mighty in power; his understanding has no limit.” Psalm 147:4

IMG_4099All it takes is to look up at the sky at night to be reminded of the greatness of God. A drive out to the country on a clear night, without city lights, makes the stars an even brighter experience—an endless expanse of creation.

And then to realize that the One who made it all loves me and wants to be part of my life.

The creative power of God is accessible to those who look to Him. I can’t even wrap my brain around that thought. It’s too much to fathom.

He is creator. He knows the intricate details of my life and how everything works best. He is able to orchestrate the small things as well as the bigger events. He wants to be involved in my life.

He decided the number of stars and calls them by name. Why then, would He not, with me do the same?


If He can place stars in the sky

And knows the kinds of fish in the sea

If mountains rise at His command

Can He not then help me?


If the earth spins with but His touch

And the moon hangs exactly just so

If seasons come according to plan

Can He not the tides of my life control?


His faithfulness is forever

It’s sureness knows no limit

My help, my hope, my everything

Have found a resting place in it.



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